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For those looking for a Non 12 Step Program the choices are really limited. To earn issues even worse there are now several programs claiming in their advertising to be Non 12 Step that still make use of the 12 action techniques and ritual. Any kind of program that advises presence at 12 Step meetings after completion of their program is certainly based on 12 Step Methodology and certainly will not offer you with a viable different program. Programs that assert to be Non 12 Step programs that are consistently based likewise employ the spiritual and spiritual facet of the 12 Action rehab program in their approaches. Exactly how can you be specific that the program you choose is absolutely exactly what they declare to be?

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Does your program supporter that alcoholism and also addiction are diseases?

If their solution is of course, then you could be guaranteed that the therapy you obtain will certainly be extremely much like the Minnesota Model which includes much of the 12 Step methodologies. If the answer is no then continue to the next inquiry.

Does your program advocate a choice-based dependence; meaning does your program believe that drug abuse is absolutely, always a choice or exists a factor where individuals lose their power of choice? As well as do you believe that individuals need your program to stop their drug abuse?

If the response to these questions offered in question 2 are of course, then you have actually found a program that might still employ 12 Action methodologies because they check out the substance abuser as unable to quit their chemical abuse without assistance; and more specifically without their help. This broach dependence is just a method to skirt the now unpopular condition principle, while continuing to be an advocate of people’s powerlessness in making much better choices. If the term “dependence” is throughout the facility’s advertising and marketing strategy or advertising materials, prevent it. You are not dependent, you are not unhealthy and you have complete power of selection now!

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And also the last question to ask is just what do you recommend for aftercare?

This is where lots of self-claiming Non 12 Step Programs show their true shades. Advising that their graduates go to support system meetings, therapy sessions or team counseling sessions in order to help them to remain sober and also drug totally free is one of the most telling indication that their program is mired in 12 Step suggestions.

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A true Non 12 Step Program will confess that you do not require their program or any kind of program to alter your life. They will certainly inform you that you have the power right now, within yourself to earn a dedication to earn more productive way of life options; and additionally that you have actually always had this power.

To gain support in discovering exactly what is hidden deep within yourself; that is the freedom, the inspiration as well as the drive you have actually constantly had to do something great with your life. This is the key to enduring change in your life. This is the vital to success.

If you simply wish to stop consuming or substance abuse, after that quit now, today. If you intend to quit drinking and also drug using as well as locate the life of your desires, we can aid. We are the only true Non 12 Step Program.